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Specialist, Innovative Recruitment and Profiling

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A new, online tool for profiling workplace behaviour based on brain physiology rather than psychology is now available in the UK . The PRISM Personal Performance Mapping System is a non-discriminatory tool that can be used by trainers, coaches, line managers and HR departments.

Developed over 12 years by the US-based Centre of Applied Neuroscience, PRISM matches individual behavioural preferences with the requirements of a particular role or position. This enables any line manager to assess a candidate's suitability for a particular job, above and beyond technical ability or experience.

Suggested uses of PRISM include:

  • Recruitment - Once a candidate is proved to be Eligible i.e. they possess the required levels of academic qualifications and practical experience, they then need to be assessed to be Suitable i.e. will they "fit" into the culture/ethos of the company and integrate with others with whom they will need to work.
  • Creation of Job Profiles - Using the PRISM inventory for benchmarking a Job Profile gives the opportunity for the most important behavioural aspects of a role to be clarified. It can be useful if more than one person have input here, for example: line manager and job holder. The Profile can then be "stored" for future use and amended as necessary.
  • Performance Appraisals - PRISM can provide an opportunity to address behavioural issues in a performance appraisal by providing a non contentious analysis of preferences which can be discussed openly. The "Job profile" can be compared with the "Personal profile" and the observations discussed.
  • Training and job descriptions - Comparison of the Personal profile maps with the benchmark job profiles can give insights into where training may be required, where job content may need changing, where working strengths are being under-utilised, where the next level of development/promotion may come from as well as to any specific action plans required relating to current issues.
  • Staff retention - Using PRISM to recognise behavioural strengths and to use them as part of the development of the employee will enable the best use of the employee's potential; it will provide the continued motivation the employee is seeking and enable the forward thinking progressive management to be more creative when considering opportunities for the development of the company's talent base.
  • Team creation, analysis and amendments - PRISM has many practical uses with the formation and development of teams whatever their function. It can be used to identify how a team is likely to perform a role or project, how it will need supporting in areas where it may be weak. The effect on the teams' performance potential of either replacing or loosing a team member or introducing a new member or in sorting out performance difficulties with an existing team.
  • Sales training - Using the idea that you should "treat customers as they wish to be treated" rather than how you wish to be treated. PRISM identifies personal behavioural preferences and as such can predict various communication needs. Research shows that people buy from people they like and to whom they can relate and trust. The trained PRISM sales person will be able to quickly identify customer's behavioural preferences in broad terms and be able to adapt their own behaviour style to meet the needs of the customer. A similar approach also works with customer service situations, as talking the most appropriate "language" and reacting in specific ways ensures meaningful communication and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.


"BMG LABTECH Ltd has a complement of staff with a wide range of skills, qualifications, experience and ambitions in Sales, Marketing, Administration, Engineering etc etc and we needed a common method to help us develop individual Personal Development Programs. We trialled the PRISM system and because it was "On Line" found it extremely convenient to use, simple to complete, and fast turnaround to receive reports. These reports presented in easy to interpret graphs, tables and commentaries, and all staff were able to understand the results.... any queries were handled by the well qualified Provider. We have now used the PRISM System for all new staff and will include it as part of our Recruitment process."  (Derek Patton MD of BMG Labtech Ltd in the UK)

For more information about PRISM please visit the website:

To discuss how PRISM could help you or your company please call Jane on 01342 302684 or email: