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Liquid handling sales - South West London
Scientific Commercial
South East

Liquid handling sales - Oxfordshire
Scientific Commercial

Clinical Diagnostics sales - South + East England
Scientific Commercial

Territory / Business development manager
Scientific Commercial

Sales and Marketing support specialist
Technical Support and Training
South East

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Specialist, Innovative Recruitment and Profiling

Our Service for Clients

Since 2005 Oakhurst Executive Recruitment Group has been offering a "bespoke" service for commercial recruitment into the scientific and healthcare markets. As a small agency I can offer a service adapted to your company’s needs whether it you are in a multi-national corporation or are just setting up in the UK or Europe.

There are at present, three divisions in the Oakhurst Executive Recruitment Group:

  • Oakhurst Executive Scientific
  • Oakhurst Executive Medical and
  • Oakhurst Executive Management

Oakhurst Executive Scientific handles the following types of role in analytical sciences, life sciences, clinical laboratories, drug discovery and research, scientific services and academia:

  • Laboratory Sales - in house and field based
  • Technical Support - in house and field based
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Laboratory Product Management
  • Export Sales/ Distributor Management

Oakhurst Executive Medical handles the following types of role in medical devices, near patient testing, medical equipment and healthcare services:
Field sales

  • Technical support
  • Nurse advisors
  • Product managers
  • Field service engineers

Oakhurst Executive Management is a division dedicated to Managerial placements. With Celia Randall from Delta-Point , Oakhurst can offer a personalised service for sourcing and placing Managers at all levels from Sales and Marketing Managers to Directors and CEO's.

We want to work closely with our Clients to get the best understanding of the role you need to fill and the type of individual you would like to employ. Having established the academic and work based skills you require, we would like to ascertain the type of personality that would best fit in with your team and organisation.

We will then endeavour to source the ideal candidate. Before a CV is sent to you we will have interviewed the candidate face to face or by telephone to assess their skills and personality, if they seem appropriate we will discuss your vacancy with them and if they are keen, send you the CV. We realise that this may take a little longer but we are aiming for quality not quantity so that we are spending the time in selection rather than you.

Candidates may be sourced in a variety of ways including "database search", strategic advertising and seeking referrals. In fact many of our contacts have been built up from referrals from "satisfied customers".

Should you choose to use Oakhurst Executive Recruitment Group as your "Sole agency" we will be pleased to work with you in whichever way suits and of course you will receive extra special attention.

For more senior or sensitive recruitment exercises, the most appropriate scheme is that of a "Retained Agency Search or Executive Headhunt" where we can help you identify your candidate requirements and source you a shortlist.

In some cases it is appropriate to have a "Strategic Advertising Campaign", at Oakhurst Executive Recruitment Group we have arrangements with relevant advertising media and can place your advertisements and handle the responses so that you are free to carry on your work. We can then screen the applicants and only submit appropriate CVs.

A special service that we offer at Oakhurst Executive Recruitment Group is that of Personal Profile Mapping. This service is carried out by Jane or Celia who have been trained and are licenced to operate the new PRISM Personal Profiling System. This new system allows you to establish the personality traits that you desire for the role you need to fill by creating a Benchmark job profile. Then all short listed candidates will complete the "on-line" assessment, the personality results can be compared with the Benchmark job profile with the results back within minutes. This system is ideal for use during the second interview stage as it generates more areas for questioning.

For more information please visit the PROFILE page.

In my mission to offer a better range of services to my clients, I have made alliances with other blue chip organisations so that I can provide a complete solution for recruitment and training across Europe.

For scientific and medical devices recruitment of sales, marketing, technical support and field service personnel in France , Germany , The Netherlands and Belgium I am proud to announce an affiliation with Delta France ( Europe ). See the LINKS page.

When your company is considering training, I would like to recommend my affiliate Ms Celia Randall, Director of Delta-Point who can provide bespoke training, coaching or workshops to increase the skill set of your staff and improve your business. See the LINKS page.

For Team Building , Management Assessments and Corporate Activities in the UK and Europe I would like to recommend Team Dynamics International another of my affiliated companies. See the LINKS page.

I would be delighted to help you, please feel free to call or email me on to discuss your requirements. Terms can be arranged depending on your requirements.

Jane Adkin: 01342 302684